Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why I fight

I am very excited, in just two short weeks I will be attending another Gulf Wars with friends and family. I will work hard, learn loads, good off and get some much needed stress release for the week. I am adding something new to the mix this year though, this is my first year as an authorized fighter.

When I first talked about doing combat in the SCA, it raised several eye brows with my friends. Many asked why, many were confused as they hadn't seen any kind of desire or heard me discuss it before. I even managed to surprise several of my SCA relationships the day I was authorized, the Queen Herself pointed out that she was surprised to see me out of the kitchens. Because of all that, I feel the need to blog about my choice and speak aloud my whys and how's.

Short answer:
Because I want to, and I will have fun doing it. Duh.

Oh, that's not a good post...I should probably fill in more of an explanation than that.

Long answer:
Sword fighting, combat and daring warrior antics have always been a part of my imagination and my dreams. Growing up I adored the Power Rangers because they had weapons and weapon combat felt cooler than later pistols. Jedi were awesome, they were just future Knights!my fantasy and play times I cloves saving princesses from dragons or saving the day by beating a generalnin one-on-one combat. These were fun fantasies of mine, but nothing I ever thought would be a reality.

As I grew up I discovered stage combat, first playing with it in stage shows and later moving onto performing at Ren Faires. This scratched the itch that I had felt since a boy, a fun outlet to live out my fantasies as a swashbuckler. In doing such activities I met some fantastic people and one person in particular introduced me to the SCA. At the time her selling point was "wanna swing a sword and hit people for real" and to a young twenty hear old guy that sounds kinda fracking awesome.

I primarily played rattan when I first joined that SCA, that was all I knew, and thought the combat was nice it was like eating a candy bar. Yes a candy bar tastes good, makes you feel full and happy for a short period of time, but it was just temporary. I didn't have an anchor into the group and that feeling along with other factors led me to leaving the SCA for a time.

Upon coming back with my friends combat was the farthest thing from my mind. Service and Art were what was pulling to me, and for a good while I could have cared less about combat within the SCA. Sure I enjoyed the tourneys with my friends and didn't mind supporting my fellows in ther fighting endeavors, but as far as participating went I could have cared less if I fought or not.

Then I went to Gulf Wars for the first time.

There's nothing I can really do to describe my experience with War. It changed me, all for the better, and left marks on me mentally and even spiritually that I'm still uncovering and learning of. One of those marks was rekindling that childhood dream of combat, to fight for glory and honor and to have a great fracking time. After that first war I began to plot out and plan how I would enter into the fighting field, what I would do and how far I would take it.

It took me a while to get everything together that I needed, job changes and life changes like getting married refocused a lot of my priorities, but I finally was as to join in combat. While I still enjoy rattan and can't deny the carnal pleasure of slamming a sword up against a mans helmet, I wanted to follow my dream. My dreams have never been about me fighting alone against the odds, I was always with my friends. My brothers in arms are an important part of this dream, and since my best friends all fight with rapier I had an easy choice to make.

There is always a lot of talk about The Dream when it comes to the SCA, and the importance of following your personal dream to its fruition. For me, this year at War will be a first big step to fulfilling a dream I've had since I was a child. I will take the field of battle and fight with honor to represent my Lady, my King, and my Country. I will finally be living out a fantasy I never thought to be a reality. I am so fracking excited I can barely contain myself. And though I will most likely die pretty regularly during each battle, I dare you to find someone out there on the field or at the whole of Gulf Wars who will be happier than me.