Sunday, February 15, 2015

Personal Reflections after St. Val's

I find it humorous that sometimes working like a madman all weekend at an event can bring about a lot of personal revelations. I think it's the chance to see things through a new lens, to see reflections of behavior in others actions and to try something new. I'm gonna kinda bullet point some of my reflections here.

  • Seeing such a performance during feast really has changed the entire scope of my TMT and 30th year feast plans. Madhavi showed me how to do entertainment right, it was all timed perfectly and everyone who participated did a damn fine job. I also love how she mixed up "low tables" and standard seating. It makes sense, giving certain guests the option for the authentic feasting experience while still providing wonderful table service for the guests, and I plan on mimicking it for 30th year. I will ask Tim to help me with the Iliad on Saturday night, and I will be splitting the hall to "period" seating and modern seating for 30th year.
  • I really do adore Kristin and love hanging out with her. We get along really well, and she inspires me to be a better person for myself and for the SCA. I always learn something from her after every meeting, and she makes me think about things in ways few people can. We also both agree we shouldn't be left alone unsupervised for too long...
  • I really do love all of my Baron and Baronesses. They inspire me and make me proud to be a member of both An Crosaire and Darkwater. Gavine shows me that there is a need for that personal time and personal work, even when public pressure is high. Illene shows me that there is always time for everyone, because even a small gesture can make someones day. Dulcia shows me that its best to publicly promote others verse ourselves, because that spreads the Dream with every viewer. Turold shows me that dignity, chivalry and grace at all times is vital. They inspire me and it makes me feel good inside to support them anyway I can.
  • I got authorized! I was so happy to authorize, it was many kinds of awesome. It lets me do more with my friends, which is always good. It lets me fill a dream of mine as well, to fight at War. I have dreamed of going to Gulf Wars, fighting for Crown and Country, and fighting with honor of the field for my home and my lady. I cannot wait to live a dream of mine next month.
  • I was really happy that I had the same White Scarf who denied my first authorization to approve me on my second attempt. It made me feel really good, really safe and that I had learned a lot to gain his approval to become an authorized fighter.
  • I got a rose from Dulcia, for my actions in the tournament and (as she said) my bravery. Pretty sure that was one of the best moments of the event for me.
Gonna explore some of this more later, I just wanted to share some of my reflections on an amazing event. Thank you to all my friends and family whom I was able to share this weekend with, and I hope to see most of you at War!