Friday, March 20, 2015

War Journal of Christopher Köch Day 7

The fighting was fierce today on every field, and yet we continue on with this seemingly endless campaign. When Ansteorra will finally yield is unknown, but it is known that Trimaris will fight every day for every inch. Vivat!

Once again I awoke in the embrace of my wife and to the smell of camp fire and smoking meats in the air. If there is a better way to awaken, I have yet to find it. 

As an aside, I neglected to finish this entry before I went celebrating our victories with my companions so the beer prevented me from writing on time. My apologies.

My duties were to one of my dear friends, an Italian name I have trouble pronouncing but we have nicknamed Crissy, who needed assistance throwing a luncheon for our Pharaoh. It was a great delight to cook for friends, as always, though I did have a small mishap with the fire. Due to wind and poor kindling collections I was unable to start a flame to grill the meats needed, thank goodness the caravan hailing from the Middle East had set down and started a fire pit earlier that week. I bartered my service to the men of Al Mahala and was able to collect a pot of coals to rush back and ignite my own fire with. The rest of the luncheon went off smoothly as each of the various kingdoms hosted a champions tournament for sport.

Before long, word was given that the army was to muster. The Knights would take the field and those of us wielding rapier would sweep the remains of Ansteorra from the town once and for all. The Ansteorran forces did outnumber us as many Knights left to fight with our King, but we held true. Our generals led us as one strike force, focused and determined to shatter the black star foes before us; and shatter them we did. We forced the enemy to abandon the town and freed them. We followed orders and post haste made to guard the ravine for our King.

Our Knights has a greater challenge ahead, to fully remove the Ansteorran forces from the outlaying fields. Our King led our forces valiantly, and two passes through the field saw us victorious. As we prepared for a third pass we saw that the Ansteorran forces had increased in size as well as added siege engines. Our King, seeing that his men's lives were now in danger, brought out our secret weapon; a siege device called a tank. The King of Northshield had made friends with an inventor named Da Vinci, and had commissioned a siege weapon of great power. This moveable take could fire great cannonballs over long distance, and was so shielded only the greatest of trebuchet could smash it. As it rolled onto the field the Black Star trembled in fear, and it wrecked through their lines. It was not enough however, and King Kurn saw that the risk to Trimarian lives was greater than ever. Unwilling to risk any more of his men, Kurn commanded the army to retreat and yeild the field to the Ansterorrans. The army pulled back to the bridge, now penned in both sides but ready to fight the next day.

The King wanted to raise the spirits of his army, so he and Pharaoh held a great court for the Trimarian army. Many awards were given, words of praise offered and soon the spirit of every Trimarian was elevated. Of special note is my good friend Crissy, who for her long term service to the crown and our kingdom was awarded a Court Barony from the King himself. Not a dry eye in the seats was able to be seen and it was a wonderful end of our day. 

Tonight there are many parties and celebrations springing up around the campaign field, and I will be joining them. Tomorrow the battle for the fortress begins and we will reclaim our house