Thursday, March 19, 2015

War Journal of Christopher Köch Day 6

I live to face another day, and another day of War has come upon us.

Last evening I upset both my sister and wife, this led to me volunteering for a guard duty shift to appease them and calm their fury. I sadly spent most of my morning guarding the edges of our encampment, bored and left swinging my legs as the hours rocked by. Once my shift was complete I dashed away, to prepare for the days battle. On my way to my camp I ran into Lady Kolfinna who was in quite a state.

Her Majesty, our Pharaoh, had gone missing. There was no sight of her, and as Lady Kolfinna was supposed to watch her next to escort her through the merchants and guard her there was obvious concern. We searched high and low over the entire camp and town, unable to locate her. It seems she was as quick-footed as they say and had slipped us durin the day in her own private game of hide-and-seek. Much relief was had when she was finally located and I was able to prepare for battle.

The Knights and archers took to the ravine, to avenge our fallen comrades and clear the Ansteorran forces from the location. The battle was a rousing success, with Trimaris able to push them out of the ravine and back towards the field to gather their forces and lick their wounds. Of special note were our Atlantian allies who held a defensive position and refused to yield the floor to te enemy. The Trimarian forces pushed the Ansteorran forces out of the ravine and back onto the field before the town itself.

Soon after, I received the orders to marshal onto the field and prepare to engage the Ansteorran forces. I was nervous and scared I will admit, this was my first true battle and my fellow men at arms to my left and right depended on me. I was blessed that in our first pass on the field I had Jarl Ari by my side, his courage and calm was infectious in the times of stress. Finally our general called for a forward march, and the bloodshed began.

The Trimarian force had a simple stance: hold the center ground and do not die. Our allies on our flanks were to crush in on the left and the right, and we the anvil would be te surface ok which we broke them. I was scared, but as soon as our enemies were before us I had a sudden rush of purpose. I knew what I had to do, not die and hold this spot, and by God I would do just that. I parryed and blocked, defended my allies and even managed to kill two Ansteorrans. I was wounded, and lost use temporarily of my right arm from the pain, but I battled on and did not yield the ground. Three passes the enemy made at us, and in all three we captured them on our anvil and shattered them. We held the field that day, and I have never felt so alive.

I have heard that some of the Ansteorran forces have tried to retake the town while our forces were harried outside it. We will lead the charge in to retake it, while the bulk of the Trimarian forces finish off the Ansteorrans on the field.

My day after that was tiring but fantastic. I have eaten much, drank much, eaten much and danced till my feet hurt. Goodnight world, my life has gone amazing and I hope that it continues. I am well into my cups, thanks to a fantastic celebration of our victories. Vivat!