Friday, March 13, 2015

War Journal of Christopher Köch Day 1

 Rest is soon upon us, and with it comes the promise of tomorrow and the War to come.

My lady and I have spent much of the day in perpetration for our journey, a greater undertaking than ever before. Our simple wagon would not suffice, through trade we aquired the use of a large caravan capible of crossing both town and country. I had never made such an acquisition before and was confused at the process, thankfully my Lady was on hand to navigate it for me. I would truly be lost without her and I thank God every day she has entered my life.

Much of the afternoon was spent packing very carefully, not only would we be traveling but three close companions would travel with us as well. A loyal retainer to the House of Darkwater, a solider from the Barony of An Crosaire that has taken quite a fancy to her and a priest to the Pharaoh Herself carrying with him a sacred object. Navigating all that is required took much time, but even language barriers could not slow our preparations of War.

I leave in the early hours of the morning, not in the back of the vanguard. This year I March at the front of the caravan, for I am a loyal solider for Trimiaris. My blade and armor may be fresh, but my heart and arm are eager to begin the work. I know my Lady frets for me, but her support on the field of battle allows me to continue my quest. My last major War, I was simply a camp follower and used my services as a Majordomo to help the former royalty. I will continue all those tasks...but add in warrior of the three seas to my profession.

The candle burns low and night escaoea me. I pray to God to keep our royalty safe in their travels, I pray to St. Martin to keep me strong in the battles to come and I pray to my namesake St. Christopher that our own travels be safe and swift.