Monday, March 14, 2016

Homestead Journal of Christopher Köch Part 2

Staying at home alone, in our large estate, is quite boring.

Today not as much was accomplished as I would have liked. My nights were plagued with waking dreams, I could not settle myself to rest and relax. Perhaps it's that fog of war that hovers over our land, latest news is the army has fully arrived and entrenched themselves in for the fight to come. Perhaps it is my wife's new pets whom do not understand the common decency of a quiet movement at night. Alas.

More organization was done today, another few crates opened and distributed around the estate. The cleaning staff was directed to clean up several small chamber pots and remove trash from the interior, and as always my linens needed cleaning and directions for storage. I think tomorrow I will speak with my grounds keeper, my carriage could use a polish to remove the pollen and several topiary features will need to be shaped and cared for. Lunch was a simple meal, in silence again for a third day since my lady wife left me for war.

I think I will rest for a bit before meeting with the nobility again. Yesterday was a challenge, but today should be much improved.

I wish my blade was running through a villain right now.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Homestead Journal of Christopher Köch Part 1

It is a strange feeling, not marching on campaign with my Kingdom. Last year was the first year that I fought alongside my cousins in Trimaris, and this year I sit at the homestead while my darling wife travels forward with the merchants to sell her wares and expand her knowledge. I am proud of her courage to travel so far from home with so little of the household, but I will admit my heart longs to be alongside her.

Alas, with this call to war I am stuck on the homestead. Changes in the nobility have changed my roles and duties to them, and with such great upheaval I must remain and see that my holdings are protected. I have many rivals in court, and I will not see any harm come to my income. I have also acquired several new animals to help grow my holdings, they require breaking in and adjusting to their new environments. And with the latest expansions to our home and the repairs that need to be overseen...perhaps it was a blessing from God that I did not march to war.

I have heard that the army is assembling over the next day and soon Trimaris will be prepared to engage any who come out way. This good news brings joy to my heart, I can only hope the messages from so distant a travel continue. 

Today has been the start of my work on the homestead. I oversaw the cleaning staff do a deep clean of the kitchen and bathing chambers, and the new animals were deftly put through an exercise routine before being fed and watered. I ensured that all fabrics would be laundered, and gave direction to the house staff in instructions for storing them. After that I had a business lunch with a few other merchants in the Barony, we organized export trade goods between our two groups and I gave insight on a tavern menu they were still struggling with. 

Now I hitch my horses and go to court to continue my work and negotiations with the new nobles I find myself having to work with. They are good and skilled, but we are both unsure of each other. I pray to St. Christopher for safe travels, and to St. Paul for the patience I know I'll required today.

Tomorrow will be another day, and a better one at that.