Saturday, March 21, 2015

War Journal of Christopher Köch Day 8

Today has been a day of great triumph for Trimaris, and a day worthy of praise! Vivat!

My lady wife went to continue her study of glass work, I feel that I may soon have a new craft for her to entertain herself with in our humble home. I don't mind, I enjoy beading and am happy to have the opportunity to play with it myself, so I went to study various coffees before the great battles of the day. Some light shopping with Lady Kolfinna followed by a brief construction project to help a fellow Trimarian. I heard the drums of war ringing out and quickly moved to the ridge to watch the battles begin.

Trimaris, fueled by the knighting of Syr Cherish and love of our Queen and King charged towards the Ansteorran bridge. The enemy, normally fearless, in the face of such a charge began to tremble at the sound of our fury. The Trimarian forces crashed upon the Ansteorran shields like waves upon the shore, and eroded the defenses of our foes with the same lethal efficiency of the sea water to the sand. Our fighters pushed hard and fast, and in just a few short hours we had claimed the bridge. The rapier fighters were ordered to guard the bridge and ravine incase of escaping Ansteorran forces, and rotating guard shifts have been ordered by the Generals.

A brief rest was ordered by the King for the army before the next battle. The next one was a huge battle for us, the fortress was an ancestral building for our kingdom which had been stolen from us by the Ansteorrans and claimed as their own. It is our house, and we would reclaim it. The sun was high in the air as our siege of the castle began. Batista fired, archers shot with perfection and the Trimarian war machine slammed into the gates. The Ansteorran forces had the advantage by defending the sturdy gates, but in the end their forces were not prepared. We claimed the fortress, but then the remainder of te Ansteorran army arrived. The army which had beaten us at the field had made the long travel around the bridge to attack us just as we claimed the fortress. Ballista fired now on us, and our men had to face the fury of an angry army. We fought for hours, holding our gates and in the end there was only one option; victory. The Ansteorran forces yielded the fortrss to ourselves, opting to save lives instead of senselessly throw them at our unyielding shield walls. We reclaim the fortress, vivat!

Tonight a grand celebration for all the Knowne World is planned, to proclaim the triumph of our Caesar and our Trimarian forces. There will be drinking and merry-making, and I hope to find myself well into cups. Tomorrow will be another day of war and God willing it will be our last.