Sunday, March 15, 2015

War Journal Christopher Köch Day 3

The fires of war burn around the camps, and I sit here writing around my own fire surrounded by friends and family.

For my wife and I, sleep was restless as each sound perked the ears while we guarded the wagon. As the sun rose and began to burn away the morning fog we both awoke fully, prepared to take on the challenges of the day. We awoke our companions and registered our presence with the army census, then found out way to the allotted camp location. Once again we were placed among friends and family, creating what could have been a cold camp of war to a home away from home. We placed our tents and soon hitched our wagons to the distant burg of Hatties.

The burg of Hatties is a pleasant place, they have wisely decided to capitalize on the war fields nearby and the merchants were selling in full strength. The trip was mostly uneventful, with the exception of Lady Kolfina having pushed her work duties to the point of exhaustion and she was in need of much rest. Thankfully Alexander was more than willing to step up and cover her duties, I may be more swayed to approving their dalliance after that. We returned back to our camp and finished our set up with ease.

I soon became restless, and felt the need to explore the war site. The merchants of course have set up shop and eager to sell to the soldiers and camp followers who have followed along for the campaign. My eye was caught by a number of items, and I'm sure more will appear before the campaign ends. My wife has found an excellent pair of socks and insists on more.

As the sun began to set, my first task of this War began. His Majesty, Kurn, required retaining assistance while on campaign and I was more than happen to assist. He is a good King, honorable and wise but unafraid to smile and become playful with his populous. He is a very particular man on how his tent is to be set, and Kurn has no issue saying how he wants things done, but serving him was still a pleasure. I shall do so again many times this week I feel, and I look forward to every attempt.

The bards began to sing, and my wife approved, so I found myself sitting in the Green Dragon after too long. A cold pint served by a lovely bartender was just what God intended for my evening, and I enjoyed the company of my fellows with a second round. Dinner was soon served however, so I left my new friends with promise of return and returned home. The soup and bread was fantastic, and after a good meal my wife and I enjoyed simply laying back and watching the stars shine above.

Tomorrow the campaign begins in earnest, with several artisans putting on classes and the first war practices amongst the armies. I can sense my wife growing restless, she fears for my safety in the coming battles and has been unwilling to leave my side for much of the night. I finally managed to get her into bed, to give me the time to write a few words.

A note, for future remembrance. I have found great pleasure in planning tricks and tomfoolery with my brother Master Thaalibi. If we both survive the battles ahead, we will have much fun planned.