Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Filk: Bard Monkey

This is another filk song I typed up after some inspiration from my friend Lana.

Bard Monkey get up get coffee.
Bard Monkey go to job.
Bard Monkey have boring meeting,
With boring Site Herald Bob.
Bob say "Bard Monkey very diligent,
But is breath does stink.
His clothes not period or elegant,
What do Bard Monkey think?"

Bard Monkey think maybe Site Herald wanna cry goddamned morning news himself!
Bard Monkey not say it, out loud.
Bard Monkey not crazy, just proud.

Bard Monkey like moonlight.
Bard Monkey like mead and bacon too.
Bard Monkey very simple man.
With big warm fuzzy secret heart.
Bard Monkey like you.
Bard Monkey like you.

Bard Monkey hang around at Crown Lyst,
Tell you scroll-work looks nice.
Bard Monkey offer bring you soda,
Bring you cup. Bring you ice.
You say "No thank you for the soda 'cause,
Period it ain't.
Anyway you busy drawing unicorns,
This'l haveta wait."

Bard Monkey as long walk back to Heralds desk,
He sit down pretend to work.
Bard Monkey not thinking, so straight.
Bard Monkey not feeling, so great.


Bard Monkey have every reason
To get out this place.
Bard Monkey just keep on working,
See your soft pretty face.
Much rather wake-up eat a coffee cake,
Go fence take nap.
Herald's desk fulfilling in creative way -
What a load of crap.

Bard Monkey think some day he have everything
Even pretty Laurel like you.
Bard Monkey just waiting, for now.
Bard Monkey think some day, some how.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Updated SCA Resume

So I have a bad habit of writing notes to myself all over when it involves me personally, then forgetting to follow through on whatever personal matter I wanted to set up. I'm damned good at taking care of others but someday I need my own secretary LOL.

So the topic came up in the middle of the night during Antocalypse 2014, and I remembered that I hadn't updated my SCA resme in a while. Crapbaskets, I say to myself, I should get on that when I get home. Then sleep happened, then work happened, so here I am updating this in the middle of the night and trying to remember various facts and dates and sch and so forth.

Honorable Lord Christoffer Koch
Barony of Darkwater, Trimaris


Coronets Acclaim, Regional Art/Sci - Baronial Bash 2011
Populous Acclaim, Regional Art/Sci - Long Nights 2011
Kings Acclaim, Regional Art/Sci - Long Nights 2011
Companion of the League of the Hidden Treasure - Trident Tourney 2012
Order of the Golden Hearth - Res Festivus 2012
Order of the Acorns Glade - Village Faire 2012
Order of the Trident Keype  with AoA - Village Faire 2012
Order of the Emerald Seas - Gulf War XXII
Order of the Argent Estoile - Cooking and Dancing Symposium 2013
Grant of Arms - Trident Tourney 2014
Order of the House of the Serpent's Torque - St. Val's 2014

Kitchen Experience
Res Vestaria 2011, Dinner (Silk rod themed, starts in Italian based and ends in Chinese based)
Fall Coronation 2011, Saturday Dinner (Viking)
Baronial Bash 2011, Dinner (Italian)
Long Nights 2011, Dinner (Mediterranean)
Hero of the Chalice 2011, Dinner (Irish)
Royal Luncheon - Gulf Wars XXI
Known World Party - Gulf Wars XXI (Arabic)
Ranger Moot 2012 - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Assistant to the Feastcrat)
Trimaris Memorial Tournament 2012 - Saturday Dinner
Fall Coronation 2012 - Saturday Dinner (Roman theme)
Michaelmass Moot 2012 - Saturday Breakfast/Dinner (Forme of Cury, so 14th century English)
Mayanmass Moot 2012 - Saturday Breakfast/Dinner (Mayan theme)
Gathering of the Clans 2013 - Saturday Dinner
MartinMas Moot 2013 - Friday/Saturday (early period Saxon)
Hero of the Chalice 2013 - Saturday Dinner
Trident Tourney 2014 - Saturday Dinner (Norse)
St. Val's 2014 - Saturday Dinner (bread and meat prep)
Gathering of the Clans 2014 - Saturday Dinner
TMT 2014 - Saturday Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (Wolfmom's "Easy Peasie Feastie Beastie")

Swampkeype Revel 2012, Lunch (German)
Trimaris Memorial Tournament 2012, Fundraising Lunch
Michaelmass Moot 2012, Fundraising Lunch and A/S Judges Luncheon (Roman themed)
Hero of the Chalice 2012, Feast (Plaine Fare, German camp cooking themed)
Gulf Wars XXII, Queens Tea (Roman themed, recipes translated from Apicius)
Fall Coronation 2013, Feast (French)
Trident Tourney 2014, Fundraising Lunch and A/S Judges Luncheon (Tavern themed)
Swampthynge 2014 - Dayboard (Tavern themed)
Vigil for Thallassia - 2014, Roasted "Unicorn" (Goat)
Vigil for Milesenda de Bourges - 2014, organizing and managing.

ArtSci Projects
Mylates of Pork, a reproduction from Forme of Cury - Novice Cooking: Regional Art/Sci 2011 (Baronial Bash and Long Nights)
Mylates of Pork, a reproduction from Forme of Cury - Journeyman Cooking: Winter Art/Sci 2012
Compost, a reproduction from Forme of Cury - Journeyman Cooking: Regional Art/Sci 2012 (Michaelmass Moot)
Compost, a reproduction from Forme of Cury - Journeyman Cooking: Kingdom Art/Sci 2013 (Michaelmass Moot)

14th Century Feasts: How, where, and why they ate feasts in Europe, and simple ways to re-create for an SCA meal
Feast with the King: Why they ate certain foods for feast, what they ate at feasts and how we haven't changed!
Medieval Cooking for Teens
Redaction 101: Translating and Preparing your Period Recipes

Chronicler, Canton of Peregrine Springs: June 2012 - September 2013
Art/Sci officer, Canton of Peregrine Springs: January 2013 - September 2013 
Majordomo to their Excellencies Darkwater: April 2013 - Present

Medieval cooking and preparation, gardening and farming in European styles. German history and culture of the 14th century. Heavy combat, rapier combat, water-bearing, serving and retaining in a period style, fighting styles and designs from the 14th century specifically.

While updating all of this, I found myself realizing I have done a lot of things in a long time. I reread many older entries and remembered fondly the events I attended, and had a good time down memory land. Yeah, I know my resume is not as large and mighty as others but it is mine and I love it!