Saturday, March 14, 2015

War Journal of Christopher Köch Day 2

My traveling partners have been most unique so far, and as I write after a wonderful meal I am compelled to write an account of them.

First in our band is of course my lovely wife Lady Moire Grey. A passionate woman, she has taken the role of matriarch on this journey and has found no issue with vocalizing her desires or guiding the party when we lack direction. A talented scribe, though perhaps it is God's will that she cannot focus on one art at a time and instead feels compelled to become diverse and talented in many. She has taken charge of organization and packing with the caravan, and looks forward to taking time away from her duties in the home to assist the army as best she is able.

Next in our company is Lady Kolfina, one of my most talented retainers for the Nobles of Darkwater. This is her first experience in campaign away from family, and i think she's a little too eager at times to prove herself. She has proven adapt at guiding the horses, she and my wife have grown quite close so far on our journey and they have found a common bond over taste in music (sadly). A young woman growing more confidant every day, I feel she will be of great aide to the war effort this campaign and demonstrate to the visiting nobles the skill of the house staff of House Darkwater.

Also attending his first solo campaign is our solider from An Crosaire, Alexander the Plump. How he became to be know as the plump is a mystery, as I have rarely found a taller or thinner but well built warrior. He is a fine fighter from my second home in the Barony of An Ceosaire and has been on campaign several times in the past but always alongside his father and brother. This is his first solo War, and while his father gave his goodbyes with stoic pride his mother on the other hand fretted and prayed to all the Saints to watch over her eldest. There is a time that all men must leave home and strike out, and I am proud of him for this. He seems to have taken a fancy to our fellow traveler Lady Kolfina, I am unsure if I should promote this fancy or dash it upon the rocks to keep her focused on her works. I will pray to God and seek advice from my Mistress and Baroness on this.

Last, but certainly not least, is Neb Amenhetep from the house of the Pharaoh herself. He and I have grown close over this past year, I have sought his priestly council in matter of religion and he has pryes my mind on methods for taking care of the nobility. This is his first coming, never has he journeyed to the fields of battle in any capacity nor seen the majesty of Trimaris laid out for battle. I admit I am a little jealous, to see it all again with fresh eyes would be a blessing from God Himself. He is a priest to the temple that the Pharaoh seeks guidance from, and will be staying with the Royal entourage for the  duration of the campaign. I pray he is kept safe.

Our caravan had a slow travel along the trails, we encountered several forward member of the Trimarian army and shared a meal in the hospitality of the Baron and Baroness of Oldenfeld. There were several cargo shifts due to high winds, my wife chided me regularly on my less than excellent storage capacity of which I have to agree with her on. Our dinner ended at a wonderful tavern, regional fair that filled even the picky eating ladies attending with us. This Crescent City tavern may have Islamic ties, but I am more than willing to patronize this location again.

My lady and I have decided to stay with the wagon this evening, while the rest of our companions stay in the local inn outside of the war encampment. We sleep restlessly, visions of the days to come keeping us awake.

Pray for us to St. Martin for quick and glorious victories.