Friday, February 15, 2013

Queens Luncheon: The Menu

I know, I've been a slacker. Work has kept me busy and stressful, I've had more family issues than I care to ever remember and then I lot all my data for the Queens Luncheon when I had computer issues and needed to buy a new one. But no I'm back on track, and back to updating and posting!

The first post of the day is gonna be my menu for the Queens Luncheon. We have a Roman crown this year, so I wanted to do the Luncheon with a Roman feel and each dish does that wonderfully. All my food dishes are from Apicius, either directly from or referenced in and I found other sources to make them.

Pullum Paroptum - This is a roasted chicken dish covered in fresh parsley. Easy to prepare over a fire, and by using leg quarters/drumsticks I can get a portable meat option for the luncheon folks. I actually prepared this previously, for the Michaelmas fundraising lunch this prior year which you can read here.

. Honey Mustard - This is a traditional dish sauce to be used for roman cooking, I just tasted my homemade test can and i is delish! This is something I’m gonna make prior to the event and just bring with me as it needs to age. I got this wonderful recipe from Lisa Blair, a friend of Andi's who loves up north, and I love the taste and flavor of this roman honey mustard!

. ISICIA OMENTATA - This is another meat product, it’s a kind of roman burger. This one is a juicy meat patty soaked in a grape syrup called Caroenum, each patty is cooked in tin foil to keep the juices and white wine in. I’m thinking of shaping these into strips, to allow me to cook more meat at one time.

. Hard Boiled eggs - These are simple and can be prepared the day before. Gonna boil a whole bunch of eggs, then peel them the day of. There is a spice blend from Apicius to lightly dust with.

. Grapes and Pears - These were both eaten raw and cooked, but I think the raw fresh fruit would go over well with the crowd this late in the week. The grapes will be plucked and ashed, the pears simply washed and cut into slivers. Both will be laid out on a platter for the nibbling.

. Mortum and Bread - This is a garlic cheese with is typically spread over bread. I’m just gonna purchase bread because making it is just not feasible, the cheese can be made at site the day.

. Mulsum - This is a traditional Roman drink, a wine served with many meals. I’m gonna make this my lone alcohol drink, and thankfully can purchase he wine on the cheap!

. Conditum Paradoxum - This is a great grape drink that was served at the Fall Coronation of our Caesar and his Empress, I loved it then and think it’s a great addition to the meal!

With a budget of 300, and the ability to purchase food at Restaurant Depot, I think this will serve the needs of the Royals nicely!