Monday, October 22, 2012

Village Fair: Now with more WOW

Now that my brain has calmed down and I'm not working anymore...

Wow. Just wow. Still in a small bit of shock from the weekend, but I'll manage just fine. I once again fell for the EXACT same trick they used to get me into Court last time, you'd think I'd learn by now, but was very happy that I was able to attend.

So many people got so many well-deserving awards. My friend Kaoru has been rocking the Darkwater Defender even before he was awarded it, I've rarely seen a more devoted fighter not just for the Barony but for Trimaris itself and totally stoked he was publicly recognized for it. He as been "very busy" defending things in the Barony since, like his bed or this bench :p. Well deserved breaks are needed, he's a phenomenal person and a real inspiration to watch on the field.

Sarah has been STELLAR at her illumination skills, with only having seriously started in January of this year she's been skyrocketing and improving in leaps and bounds with every piece she does and I was very happy to see her noticed for such. We're both interested in picking up calligraphy, but I have a feeling she's gonna soar waaaay beyond me in leaps and bunds before I can spell the word cat.

Jake got some kind of award, I'm sure its nothing important... :p. Seriously though, very glad to see the work he did for Pennsic was so lavishly thanked and richly rewarded. And for him to receive his AoA the same day I did made me feel really great, he's been working so hard (harder than me!) for the simple reason that it brings him joy and happiness to help others and I love seeing that rewarded. Jake helps inspire, helps teach and ot importantly helps us all Dream. I wouldn't want to do this without him, and am glad he is here.

Ari received an honor for his display of chivalry, and its bloody well awarded. That man has been and continues to be a huge inspiration to me in the mannerisms of chivalry and honor, he was my first King and just like his Lady I feel like I will always consider him King in my heart. Way to go on his award, give him proper kudos next time you see him.

I myself got hit with a "double whammy" at Court, apparently they had been trying to give me an Acorn's Glade award since Gathering of the Clans (which I couldn't make due to work) and had trouble pinning me down for Court ever since ;). After receiving a lovely scroll I thought I could escape...alas I was drawn back. I was given the Tridents Keype along with my Award of Arms, I won't lie I was a bit overcome with emotion for a moment. For me...I would have been happy with receiving the honor from anyone and would cherish it all the same. But receiving that award from Julia and Brian meant so much to me, they've been my first Baron/Baroness and have been real friends. The support, love, guidance and sheer respect they've shown to me and my friends has been overwhelming. To receive this award from them, it will always hold a very special place in my heart right next to my green belt.