Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spies Guild: Of Rumor and Hearsay

This is another worldbuilder fluff I've written for a game setting I'm writing with friends:

* * *

The Spies Guild: Of Rumor and Hearsay.


Of all the Guilds formed during the Venice Proclamation, none have the air of mystery and secrecy as the Spies Guild. No other member of the Underground can say for sure what it is they do, or who they are. Removing themselves from history and from the greater politics of the ages, they have cultivated a sense of power just from the unknown goals and elements within.

What little facts available mostly stem from the signing of the Venice Proclamation. Those who would become the Spies Guild did not band together under a common allegiance or bond like many others, the original Spies Guild was hand selected by a Chinese man names Han Xi. While the other Guilds spent time drafting themes, building power bases and joining in families, Han Xi moved amongst the Others gathered in Venice and selected individually those who would join his cause.

Understanding the need for a neutral party who's sole purpose was the protection of their race, Han Xi selected Others like himself who had the abilities to move invisibly through the world and find the enemies of their people and to kill without mercy. Those who could hypnotize, hide in plain sight, walk without a side, expert marksmanship and could even read minds were all selected. Those who would unite under Han Xi's leadership joined the ranks, willingly giving up their identity for the cause.

When the Guilds moved to sign the Venice Proclamation, the Spies Guild stood as one. Each had donned uniform clothing, each wore a white Venician mask hiding their face, and none spoke but Han Xi. He stated their purpose and goal was to protect the Underground not just from the enemies of the Inquisition, but from the enemies within the very Guild ranks. He swore, on behalf of his Guild, to remain neutral and stay out of politics. That they would oversee the protection of the Council, and that they would only act in the interest of the Underground. Han xi then signed on behalf of his people, then they walked silently out and away from the hall.

From that point on, the Spies Guild has moved at the edge of legend and fact. Dispersing across the world, they did their work in secret. Later changing their identities from the faceless legion to Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Doe, they move in secret above ground and below to stop any threats to the existence of their race.

Rumors -

"I don't care what they say, there are more than 2 of them. Yeah, you only ever seen Mr. Smith or Mrs. Doe, but too many times they've been spotted as different skin tones and ages. Ya don't magically turn black, Mr. Smith! Why ya hiding how many there are?"

- Jackie Garlie, Oracle's Guild

"From what I was told by my padre, the existence of our race is the most important thing to them. That because the Inquisition is dead and gone, they've set up a breeding program. Apparently they got orders to fuck and knock up as many as they can, to keep making more of them. And you know the number of times you've banged a chica and then suddenly she disappeared never to be heard from again? Maybe they're breedin' us to, man."

- Reggie Al-Deli, Medium's Guild

"These guys? Following a bunch of rules and ancient bullshit for things that aren't real anymore. They do regular virgin sacrifices to Chinese Gods and Goddesses for what? I ain't ever seen them do shit, and all their magic hocus pokus is just to pull the wool over our eyes as they keep us enslaved. They're the real guys in charge, and we're the puppets."

- Bennie Two-Pence, Fortune's Guild

"I don't know much about them, except whenever Mr. Smith has been around there's trouble. Like a hurricane he is, when you see him fucking run for the nearest bolt hole and hide. They say they keep the monsters at bay, that they're behind the removal of AI because some got loose. Now the computer is our new enemy, and the Spies hunt them."

- Jill V., Orphans Guild

"We don't forget their oath, and neither have they. I pray you never given the cause to visit you, your life will never be the same."

- Brandon McLeason, Immortals Guild

"Fire and rage, lightning and storm. I can taste death in their shadow, regret in their smile and hope in their steps. They hide from everyone, including themselves, who they are. They suffer, so that we shall not suffer as they. They've divorced themselves from us so far, I've heard they all operate from an orbiting station. Maybe that explains why they feel so distant, and so sad."

- Jeremiah Hills, Empaths Guild

"Fuck them. You wanna know the face of the Inquisition today? Don't look any farther than Mr. Smith. People disappear all the time, whole cells and undercities suddenly collapse when they get involved. Never trust them."

- Francis Dearheart, Charmers Guild

"Hmmph. I see dozens of them, on a regular basis. Two my ass. And I don't know what they keep fighting, but it has big teeth and nasty claws. And bullets, lots and lots of bullets. as for what they do, I heard they recruit folk from other Guilds. Take away their minds, personalities and make them another drone to throw at the enemy."

- Dr. Gail Maris, Physicians Guild

"I don't care where they come from, I don't care what they are or who they are. They are angels, a godsend. I thought they were coming for me, I thought those bastards who have taken the mantle of Inquisition had me, then Mr. Smith and Mrs. Doe arrived. Saved my skin, they were throwing fucking fire from their hands! Angels, I tell you."

- XxGaleHazzardxX, Cyberpath Guild