Friday, August 17, 2012

My first ever writing gig

A long time ago, in the yesteryear of 2003, I was an avid writer and pursued it with a passion. I wanted to make a life of writing, and submitted my writings wherever I thought I could get them published. Most were deadends, but one publication actually wanted to publish a poem of mine.

I'm still proud of this poem, for the achievement it represents. I was paid 50 dollars to publish this poem, and I look back on it fondly as a spark that has caused me to continue to create. Yes, I wrote it while in high school so it's only so good...but I'm still proud of it.


A soft low note plays into the darkness
Echoing and filling the void
A higher pitched vibrato soon accompanies it
Smoothing out to provide a mellow chord
The forte-piano slowly grows into a fortissimo
Note move together, melody and countermelody
Each moving to fulfill a need; a desire
An occasional wrong note jars the phrase
Off beats and accents standing out of the hum
Soon they both move together, blending perfectly
Each anticipating the others crescendos and dynamics
The music comes to a bursting point of sound
Exploding forth in a tidal wave of ecstasy
Finally a rest is written
And then it slows to a legato
Then she says the words