Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to Thor

Welcome to Thor, 2nd planet in the Chiron System. It has but one orbital satellite named Moon by the settlers of Thor, but now designated Apollo by its inhabitants.

In 2109, the nations of the Earth began their first grand colonization project. Scientists were dedicated to the cause and money invested in grand projects for future homes for mankind among the stars while the nations of the world raced to be the first to establish colonies inside of the Sol System and beyond. However, like in everything that involves governments, politics came into play. Human rights activists, environmentalists. religious zealots and isolationist all found common ground in wanting to deny these programs from occurring. Public relation nightmares all over the globe put an end to publicly visible plans for colonization, politicians and national figures more interested in protecting their seats of power than the future of mankind bowed out and removed support.

But, what the people of Earth didn't know...wouldn't hurt them.

A massive ship, the first of its kind, was built in bunkers and secret locations all across Earth. Codenamed ARC, it stood for Aerial Relocation Colonizer. Ungraded with the most up-to-date technology the combined minds of Earths most brilliant men could come up with, it was fitted with everything a population would need to survive on a new world and flourish. Chosen for the this secret mission were those deemed expendable (and also most likely to survive near-impossible situations), prisoners and other convicts from jails and prisons. Given the choice of certain death via lethal injection/life in prison or the chance at a brand new life...a crew of 500,000 were chosen. Health screens, professions trained and rechecked before the final number, 325,000, was reached.

The launch was perfect, the massive ship and its crew were disguised as a asteroid belt mining ship to the press, and scientists cheered as the new experimental NLS engine pushed it out of the solar system in a matter of hours. Communications with the systems were perfect, and they all celebrated their luck.

Celebrated a bit too early it seems.

As the ARC traveled through various identified solar system, a problem occurred. An unstable star had entered its final death face, and random luck had it expand and explode as the ARC passed by. Going super nova the plasma and fusion waves pushed off the star, reaching the ARC in a matter of seconds. The plasma waves ripped through the ship, destroying the communication arrays and scrambling the autopilot navigation system. On Earth they were too late to do anything at all. By the time the plasma wave hit their sensors, the ship had already disappeared. In the black reaches outside of the Sol System the ARC was lost...and forgotten by all who lived back on that world.

The ship cruised on, traveling the void. It kept going deeper and farther, traveling beyond what any man would come to know for centuries, its NLS engines pushing it to the edge of the galaxy and beyond. As all things are want to do, it eventually ran out of power. Scanning the new solar system it had arrived in, it found that the Moon orbiting the 2nd planet in this system was the most Earth-like. It began to emergency eject it's inhabitants, dropping off most of the supplies and those deemed critical to a colonies survival first, before an electromagnetic wave radiating of the main planet tore through the ship. It destroyed what little automatic computer flight AI's were remaining, and while a quarter of the crew was landing on the moon and beginning to awaken from stasis, 3/4 remained as the ship careened into the planet below. Saved by the last of the emergency power, those who had to survive on the planet faced a far different world than either were accustomed to.

It has been 525 years. The two societies regained the ability of space travel, and the resulting war that took place between the two great peoples nearly tore all life apart. An uneasy peace has been brokered, and in a joint effort the two governments have built together their first deep space probe, aimed at exploring the remainder of the Chiron System.

You are those first brave souls to leave the orbits of Thor and Apollo.

Good Luck.