Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Coronation Memories

Fall Coronation has a funny way of making me see things in a new light, of reminding me of things I never knew I needed reminding of, of placing new challenges and new situations in front of me to tackle for the next year. In a way this event is my New Years Day, a shining weekend of hope and promise. And much like New Years in January I always leave there changed. 2011 was my first Fall Coronation, and every one since has been a wonderful changing experience. This year proved to be equally insightful. 

This new year promises to be one of comings and goings. I am learning, slowly, to trust and rely on others. I can't do it alone, nor will I have to. I have family to provide comfort, friends to ally with and common causes to rally others around. At the same time I am learning to let go of things that need to move on, to not have a death grip on things because "that's how it's always been". Friends come and go, and I need to let that happen without too much fuss. Passions and interests grow and change, and I need to adapt better to these things. 

My new job has also taught me I have a strange fascination and enjoyment for administrative tasks. I find myself wanting to do them, and look forward to exploring  the administrative side of the SCA. After talking with my Laurel, I was able to find a really great mentor on all things service-related in Steve aka Baron Terrill(sp?). It'll be nice to have a guy I can bounce ideas off and get advice/insight without any concer of strings or misunderstandings. My passion for cooking as always burns strong, and combined with homework from my Laurel the Saturday night feast have me much to inspire and push me higher.

It's silly at what inspires us, but having a larger tent has inspired me to have a more period presence. I have more room, thus can think of more things to do to look better. I wanna make my footprint on site look more period, dress more period, just be more damned period in my presence at events! I have idea for rugs, wooden covers on bags/crates, lamp lighting...ah money. This raise was nice, and now it's nice to see it go away again!

I think my favorite part of the night was a spent late on Saturday. Andi, Jason and I just lounged outside the feast hall with drinks in hand and on her carpet. The conversation just traveled, but those few hours of simple social time really made the event for me. I wish I could have gone another day, but alas work.

I have a wonderful new year to look forward to!