Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gathering of the Clans - Learning Time

This past weekend was my locally Barony's annual Gathering of the Clan event. This tends to be a silly/relaxed event, a lot of fun and games are had here and a good time overall. This was my first attendance at it actually, I missed last years due to a work conflict so I was looking forward to the fun and games. I had a lot of fun overall, and am always pleased to see my friends receive awards for their good works, but I also found myself learning a lot of things this event.

Here's my list of things learned, transcribed from my notebook. If I feel I need to expand the details, I will.

. Always plan ahead. Do not assume help will come, either get it yourself or plan to do the task without it.

. Do not overbook. If people have to be at certain places, make sure they don't have to be in 3 places at once. Set a good pace.

. Always take time to sit and answer questions, you never know who will decide to be chatty and you may just discover a new friend.

. Don't forget to put your contact info on your class hand-out :p

. When doing a Feast, you WILL hit a wall. You WILL hit a point where you're lot in the weeds and having your meltdown. Since you know that will happen, have someone be in the Feast prep team who's sole job is to get you through that breakdown point. They will save that feast and make sure you get back on schedule.

. Always triple check your portions, make sure you have enough ingredients!

. Roll with the punches. Some dishes may need to be scrapped mid meal, others may need to be rearranged  That's ok, that happens. That's not a hallmark of a bad cook, that's the reality of working in an unbalanced system called life.

. Cue cards for each dish, including ingredients, is a gold idea. Stealing that.

. Always carry personal spice and ingredients, you never know when emergency flour is needed!

. Sometimes, no matter how many times you double/triple check with someone, people forget things. Don't sweat it when they do, and just be ready to have their back when they need it.

. Faith is terrifying with thrown weapons. Do not piss her off when you re in a 70 foot radius.

. When you have the opportunity to put out a fire, do it. When you have the chance to tip the scales, tip them. When you can rush to catch the vase, catch it. But above all, remember that when you do these things you do them for chivalry and honors sake; not for the sake of notice or reward or praise.

. There are times that I forget Eva was a Queen of the East, but she will always find a way to remind me through her generosity and kindness and decorum.

. Pre-planning, pre-planning, pre-planning. Organize the web page, advertise the merchants, put the merchants in a good place for foot traffic, put everything where you said you would.

. Always assume that they will not follow your directions, follow behind to ensure compliance.

. "But the Baroness said" is a way to earn a smacking.

. Amalric is hilarious when drunk.