Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fall Coronation 2013: Feast Prep

So, it turns out that the bid was awarded and Darkwater will be hosting the 2013 Fall Coronation. I am terribly excited, and terrified all at once.

Why terrified? Because I will be doing one of the Feasts for that weekend, one of our busiest events for the year.

This is a big opportunity for me to really flex my muscles, to learn and grow, to really shine and show the populous a fantastic time. I want to do a French feast, its popular food and allows room for a lot of creativity, and I want the feast hall to look good. I'm in the process of redacting all of my recipes, I have redacted versions available to me should I want them but I want to really own this and wanna redact them myself.

Not a lot to say at the moment, besides how honored and excited I am. And nervous, did I mention the nerves? I'm sure this blog will host a lot of my musings on the topic and other things in the coming months ;)