Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Personal update, lots going on!

Man, lots of things have been going on as of late! I figured I would take a small break from updating this thing with my creative works (which I have 3 muses for 3 pieces of work trying to tug me 3 ways...oh man...) to give an update on me and my life. I've got a lot going on, its pretty fun!

SCA wise, things are really getting exciting. I've taken on he role of Canton Chronicler for my local group, so far everyone's been pretty excited with what I've provided. I've submitted one letter to the revelry and produced a Canton newsletter (viewed here: ), the idea is to let more people know what's going on with us and what we're doing. I'd like to get our Canton more excited and more motivated, but to do that people need to a) do things and b) know that you're doing things. I'm glad I have support from Their Excellenies and Next-ellencies, they've been a big help and inspiration.

Also going on SCA side of things, I'm spearheading the formation of a Baronial encampment for Darkwater. A lot of people have talked about it being nice to have one, myself included, but no one's really stepped up to offer to organize and get it set up. Being someone who doesn't like to sit still, I volunteered to organize and spearhead the set-up. So far the planning is going well, I have all 3 Cantons support in the project and I'll be presenting my proposal at this months business meeting. All things are going great there, and hopefully soon I'll have a lot more info to share :)

Work is going stressful, but at least in a good forward direction. My boss understands that I'm in need of a raise and promotion, the constant reliance on me being dependable and my perks taken away is getting old. He's pushing for me to get a raise earlier than scheduled and already got me lined up for the internal promotion interview. While he's been on vacation this past week I've been in charge, I like to think I've done a pretty good job over all with the tools left to me.

Financially I'm stable, not making enough money but all my bills are covered. Things are going well over all, so now back to your regularly scheduled creativity on this blogroll :)