Friday, October 19, 2012

A post that posts about posts I will be posting about...Postcepion?

So I know things ahve been quite here the last 2 weeks, I've been terribly busy with a whole mess of things. Starting on Sunday, here are several of the posts you can expect to be seeing. Maybe some of these will be grouped, maybe not. I dunno, I kinda write for myself, so here's what I'll be writing on:

. My impressions and review of the new World of Warcraft expansion
. My impressions and review of the new Pokemon game (because I WILL catch them all)
. A talk about my new meditation routine and how I feel it's helping me grow
. Discussion on the Baronial Encampment for Darkwater (an I just love Pointless Capitalization Of Letters)
. Talks about my upcoming Feast(!!!)
. Talks about the upcoming Queens Tea(!!!!)
. A series of pictures as I follow around a caterpillar while it crawls in the woods behind my house (Don't judge me)
. Definitely more SCA period dishes, recording more of my experiments outside of my handy-dandy notebook
. A review of Village fair (what little I can make it to)
. I dunno, maybe some movie reviews or something